Some of my favorite TpT sellers and a reading comprehension freebie!

Alas, Winter Break has come to an end! Time to get back into teaching and lesson planning! As I sit and write this post, I’m also completing my lesson plans for the week ahead. The dreaded highly anticipated week after Winter Break!

Before I go on, I’d like to share a little bit about myself. I love the website Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). I can always find something that I’m looking for and some things that I wasn’t looking for at all, but of course needed! A few years back, I was looking for reading comprehension passages for my students. I wanted something that the students would have to show evidence for their answers. One of my pet peeves is having students just come up with answers and not showing where they got the information. Many of my students have individualized education plans (IEPs) with goals based on their ability to answer literal comprehension questions.

So, I went to my dear old friend, TpT and I happened upon Luckeyfrog and her Super Detective Find the Evidence sheets. She has non-fiction and fiction passages that you can choose from. I highly suggest that you click the link and visit her store on TpT. I love using her passages in my class. My students love using colored pencils, markers or highlighters to find their answers. I also wanted more passages that featured more non-fiction stories of African American leaders with the same format. Unfortunately, there weren’t any out there, so I set out to make my own.

Now, I’m no graphic designer, but when I have to I can get a little creative. First, I got my Black History clipart and Find the Evidence font from Melonheadz, also on TpT. Then, I found the crayon clipart from Livin’ in a Van Down by the River, another TpT seller. I created my Jesse Owens – Find the Evidence resource that I’m giving away free!

I also have a version of this resource for upper grades available for sale here. I decided to offer a few more of African American leaders Find the Evidence resources. They are not just for February either. Any time is an excellent time to teach your students about important historical figures no matter what their race is!