Our Philosophy

At Brooks eAcademy we believe that all children can learn. It is just up to us to find the way that is best for them to learn and work with them from there.

Our Story

Brooks eAcademy is the brain child of Kandice Levert-Brooks. Kandice is a certified Intervention Specialist Teacher in Ohio. She has taught fifth and sixth graders in a self-contained resource room setting for over four years. Kandice teaches language arts, math and science. She is also a reading specialist and trained in the Wilson Reading System. Kandice is TESOL certified and used that to teach students from other countries, the English language. She has worked with children with varying disabilities from Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Learning Disorders for over six years. Kandice also serves as the Special Education Department Co-Chair at her current school.

Meet the Owner

Kandice’s work with exceptional children revealed the need for more educational resources for students of all abilities. She became passionate about addressing the social and emotional needs of students to ensure they can learn in the way that fits them.

Kandice Brooks

Owner and Creator

Kandice Brooks
Owner of Brooks eAcademy

Kandice loves working with students from all walks of life. She is waiting to work with you as well!

Next Steps…

See the difference that Brooks eAcademy can make in your teaching and the lives of your students. Experience a new way of teaching through our resources and professional development opportunities.