What is Flipped Learning?

Flipped learning utilizes technology and a specialized curriculum for your student to create a learning experience like no other. Students are able to learn in a flexible environment at their own pace. Brooks eAcademy will develop a learning program that is centered around your student's needs.

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Do I need special equipment?

No, you can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We use an award winning online whiteboard platform that doesn't require you to download any software. The platform is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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Where will sessions take place?

Sessions can take place any where your student happens to be at their scheduled session time. It can happen at home or on the go. With the flexibility of our online platform, your student is able to learn whenever and wherever.

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Since 1993

Why Online Learning?

For years it has been proven that a tutor can make all the difference for a struggling student. In our current society everyone is so busy rushing from here to there, that having one more task to complete in a day, like getting your child to a tutoring session is too much. Now the tutor can come to you anywhere and at a time convenient for you and your family.

Your child will still receive one on one attention and instruction with a highly skilled tutor. Only now he or she can do so on their computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


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