What is Brooks eAcademy?

Brooks eAcademy is a company dedicated to creating educational and instructional resources that helps teachers improve the academic outcomes of all students. We offer online on demand workshops geared toward educator professional learning.

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What is the Brooks eAcademy focus?

Our focus is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn, no matter if they have a disability or have endured a hardship in their life. All of our workshops and instructional tools focus on providing a trauma informed learning experience for all students.

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Are the workshops and resources only for educators?

Parents are more than welcome to join our workshops and download or purchase our resources. Being a trauma informed parent can increase the chances that your child can achieve all of their academic goals.

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Why is Trauma Informed Learning Important?

Trauma-informed learning is an approach to education that recognizes and responds to the widespread impact of trauma on individuals. This can include experiences such as abuse, neglect, violence, loss, or other adverse events. Understanding and integrating trauma-informed practices in educational settings is crucial for several reasons:

  • Creating Safe Environments: Trauma-informed learning prioritizes creating safe, supportive, and inclusive environments. This is essential for learners who may have experienced trauma, as feeling safe is a prerequisite for effective learning.
  • Recognizing the Impact of Trauma on Learning: Trauma can affect cognitive, emotional, and social development. Understanding these impacts allows educators to adapt their teaching methods and provide appropriate support.

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