I’m still here!

Hello everyone!
I feel like I sat down to recover from school closures in the spring due to COVID 19 and got up just in time to start the new school year. My district continued to be remote for the start of the new school year, but I’ll get to all of that later! In June, I was exhausted. Shelter at home orders meant more family time but that also meant juggling working from home along with it. We enjoyed the drive thru graduation for my high school senior, the actress. We took a road trip to clean out my oldest daughter’s (the adult) apartment in Atlanta. Although I vowed to not work during the summer, I still worked on various re-entry plan work groups. I even decided to do some home improvement projects, that were delayed due to COVID-19. Can anyone say lumber shortage?! I also entered a doctoral program for my EdD in Special Education. Yes, I’m that person. Even when I say I’m going to relax I find other things to occupy my time. Before I knew it, it was August! I decided to keep my youngest, the creative, home for distance learning. The actress was off to begin her freshman year of college as her campus was open. Imagine the usual my child is going to college anxiety amplified by pandemic anxiety. Meanwhile the adult has been home as her college has gone remote. It sucks for her because this is senior year and there still is no word if or when she will return in person. Forgot to mention, I changed schools and grades this year. I’m now the lead teacher of a behaviorally focused classroom for 7th and 8th graders. I teach all four academic subjects for both grades. In case you didn’t catch that, I teach math, science, language arts and social studies for two grades! That’s EIGHT preps, but who’s counting?! A behaviorally focused classroom is was not something I envisioned doing online. I have to say that my team has been so supportive and the students are great too! Have there been challenges? Does a fish live in water??!!! That’s a post for another day.  I just wanted to check in and say hey. So hey! I have some exciting things planned for the blog and my website in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for new resources that will be offered in both PDF and digital formats for your remote, hybrid or traditional classroom. There will be some lessons for the week after winter break, when our brains haven’t yet returned to the classroom. Don’t worry, I got you! Be sure to follow me on social media for some weekly inspiration and ideas.