School's Out for Summer!


Students are excited for no more assignments and the lazy days of summer.  Some parents are worried about their child losing some of what they have learned throughout the school year.  The logical answer is get your student into tutoring ASAP!  Unfortunately for some families this is not an economical solution.

Here are some things that families can do over the summer to keep their child learning and not break the bank:

  1. Visit your local library: Depending on where you live library cards are free or available for a minimal charge.  As long as you return your books before the due date, you will not incur any fees.  If you own an tablet or a smart phone you can also borrow books electronically.  No trips to the library are necessary!  Many libraries also have free summer reading programs, ask for details.
  2. Check in the area that you live in for other free reading programs.  Brooks eAcademy is headquartered in North Eastern Ohio, so here is a link to a website with free reading programs nearby.  Some of these programs are offered by companies located throughout the United States so a similar one may be in your city.
  3. Workbooks:  My favorite summer workbooks are the Summer Bridge Activities.  They are available for students entering the 8th grade.  They cover Language Arts, Math, History, and Science.  They are not free but they are worth the cost.  Click here to check them out on Amazon (I do not profit from this endorsement, I honestly use these for my own children).

For those who are interested in obtaining the services of a tutor, please contact us so that we can assist!

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